Katy Reddell


I’m so glad you’ve landed here!

I’m Katy— the curator of this beauty business. My mission is to help other women feel beautiful, empowered, and important. Whether designing beautiful hair and makeup or behind the camera, my focus is delivering impeccable quality while ensuring my clients feel completely at ease during the creative process.

My love for the beauty and the wedding industry began in 2015 during my senior year of high school. As I was wrapping up my schooling, I was also enrolled in beauty school and working part time at a local bridal shop; I quickly realized I had a passion for love and all things beauty and upon graduating, knew I would go on to become to be a bridal beauty specialist. 

Interested in furthering my makeup education, I made the move to Austin in 2016 to study under the Makeup Designory program where I clocked an additional 300 hours of advanced makeup training. The same year I launched my beauty business and had the pleasure of curating a group of wonderful and highly trained beauty professionals. I soon realized I had something special, but wanted to continue growing and learning as an artist. 

Realizing the importance of photos and video in this line of work, I picked up my first professional camera in 2017 and it changed everything for me. Through capturing my own work on clients and models, I’ve learned even more about how hair and makeup design translates in photos. I truly believe its made me a better artist and teacher; through this new venture I’ve been able to share so much more with my team and experience an abundance of personal growth.

Over the years my love for capturing my work, as well as story telling through imagery has only grown. I moved from only shooting beauty (my personal hair & makeup design) to lifestyle, boudoir, and portraits. 
In the realm of photography, my focus is creating a customized experience; Each individual has a different vision for the art they’re hiring me to produce. While I truly love all the corners of my creative work, the days where I’m able to have my hands in the hair, makeup, photography are truly special to me

My team and I look forward to the opportunity to serve and hear more about YOU!

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